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This site is meant to be helpful to all people interested in truth and learning. We are here to provide relevant information on what we need to know when interfacing with the world. We aren’t providing legal advice, we aren’t creating a new religion, and aren’t trying to make everyone believe everything we say. We provide the best information we can find, and acknowledge that when people study things, they don’t always get everything right. We look at how the world is working as best as we can, and provide relevant information for people who are interested to have tools to navigate the areas we talk about.

Are you interested in solar? It is an extremely tricky area. Some people want it to save the planet, some want it to lower their bills. I don’t think anyone wants to get ripped off or waste their money. What do you need to know? What makes it right for you? Check out our solar series for in depth information to help you navigate this complicated area so you can make an informed choice.

Jobs seem to be changing every day. Will your job be automated?

Are you preparing for retirement? Where do you begin? How do you manage life’s surprises and keep an eye on when you can no longer work? Everyone is selling you something, especially here – but what really meets your needs? How does social security work? How does medicare and medicaid work? What about all the life insurance things people sell? Where do you want to retire, and what needs to be in place to make it happen? What happens if you can’t meet your desired goals? What is your backup plan?

Everyone is talking about climate change, what do I need to know about it? While this seems to be a hot topic politically, this blog has no intention of walking down a political path. We are really just dealing with news around the world, throwing out ideas of things that can make our lives better, especially facing some of these circumstances. If you find that the water table is declining, what do you need to do? What are the likely outcomes? Who will be affected the most? Many people react, but how many people react to the situations that they face appropriately?

As you can see, this site is about providing frameworks for approaching the things that you face in life. We expect that many people will find this useful. Our goal is to focus on the facts, and look at likely outcomes and responses for a given situation. We provide visual information so you can understand the information with a glance rather than requiring a Ph.D and hours of research and reading. We also encourage multiple viewpoints.

While we encourage multiple viewpoints, it isn’t true that all views are equal. This isn’t meant to be an arguing point, but an illustration seems most appropriate. We believe that anyone jumping off the top of a skyscraper without gear to facilitate a slowed decent will likely die. While people are free to disagree, we also believe that their is a way to test this, and if you believe you will be safe and jump, it by no means guarantees you will be safe. We believe that if everyone is willing to test their belief, we will be left with people who believe that jumping is not a good idea. Not all beliefs result in such drastic consequences, but it illustrates the point well enough. We don’t care what you believe, and we aren’t trying to change your beliefs. We believe that this information can help people who are interested in the truth, and for all others, there are better forums you can visit to argue endlessly.

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